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Anderson County
Assessor's Office


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Mission Statement:

The GIS and Addressing Department is responsible for the determination, acquisition, maintenance, and manipulation of all geographic information pertinent to Anderson County, and is accountable for ensuring orderly assignment and maintenance of all addresses and address data in Anderson County.

Anderson County New Property Viewer:

The Online Mapping System is an interactive overhead look at Anderson
County's GIS Data. Here you can find property Information, along with
important countywide road and boundary data.

Services Provided

The GIS - Data Maintenance Office fields requests for maps and digital geographic data pertaining to Anderson County. These requests come from a variety of places: from the public and private sector, as well as from within the County Government. The GIS department is responsible for the validity of all digital geographic data for Anderson County. The department is charged with providing this to the public, and expanding its role throughout county departments providing more efficient use of time.

The GIS – Addressing Office manages the assignment and adjustment of all addresses, street names, and street ranges within the county. Using a newly crafted Street Naming and Addressing Policy, this office has recently standardized the way it assigns and documents addresses. The E-9-1-1 Addressing office works closely with the Anderson County Public Safety Division to ensure that street and address patterns are consistent and safe.

  • To assist in the implementation of digitally created cadastral data
  • To manage E-911 Address Data and the Assignment of Addresses
  • To manage all current application of the GIS and work toward furthering the system's usability within the county
  • To provide Internet access for all land records and GIS data
  • Provide quality maps for the public
  • To better document, and inform providers of E-911 Addressing Activity
  • To produce a county road atlas for public distribution
  • To continue training for all employees to improve the services provided to citizens and customers
  • To develop Standard Operating Procedures for both departmental offices- E-9-1-1 Addressing, and Data Maintenance


Anderson County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. With population growing, there is more information for county government to manage. Whether it be address or roads, new parcel subdivisions or census data; GIS allows tremendous amounts of data to be stored in one place. Moreover this information is related to its exact location, and therefore easily manipulated.

GIS affords a wonderful opportunity for assigning addresses in an accurate and efficient manner. The growing population of the county and related concerns about public safety has made it necessary to pinpoint address locations, and evaluate existing address patterns. This would be nearly impossible without the implementation of GIS Technology.

The digital nature of GIS makes it possible to continually update geographic information so that maps and files are never obsolete. There are many possible applications for GIS in county government. Nearly every Anderson County division can use it in some shape or form, and many, including the Planning Division, Transportation Division and Assessors Office are using GIS. However, many of these applications are not currently being taken advantage of. The GIS department will continue to work with county employees to make sure that the resource is being tapped.

GIS Division Documents
The following documents are made available for you to download. To view PDF documents you must first have a copy of the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer. Items that are images will open in your web browser.

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GIS Documents
GIS Fee Structure- Please give advance notice for custom maps. Make request to Anderson County GIS, P O Box 8002, Anderson, SC 29622-8002 or (864)260-1056 with payment (cash, check or PO made to Anderson County)
GIS New Location- We have moved to the new Anderson County Courthouse Annex at 401 E River St, Sec 100, Anderson SC 29624. (see map)
Lake Facilities- (file size 619 KB)
New GIS and E911 Addressing location- moved to the new Anderson County Courthouse Annex at 401 E River St, Anderson SC 29624 (see map)
Petition to change or name road- Petition to name or change of road name. Mail to Anderson County E911 Addressing P O Box 8002, Anderson SC 29622-8002 or fax to 864-260-4099
Print a map from Property Viewer- Instructions on how to print the Property Viewer using MS Word or Paint
Proposed Subdivision/Development and Road Name Form- Use this form to submit Subdivision, Development, and road names for approval. Send a plat or disk with the form to: Anderson County E911 Addressing, P O Box 8002, Anderson SC 29622-8002 fax: 864-260-4099
Subdivision List- Anderson County Subdivisions updated 09/10/2013 23 pages (file size 407kb)
GIS Maps - Follow thumbnail link to open PDF copy of map. Some of these files are large and your 'download time' may be affected by the speed of your connection to the internet.  
Board of Education Districts
(file size 3.22 mb)
County Council Districts
(file size 3.20 MB)
Emergency Zones
(4.48 mb file size)
Highway and Zip Code
(file size 3.87mb)
Official Zoning Map
Updated January 2015 (file size 7.69mb)
Parks and Recreation
(4.3 mb file size)
Population Density 2010
(file size 1.49mb)
(file size 1.64mb)
SC House of Representative Districts
(4.14mb file size)
SC Senate Districts
(3.36mb file size)
School Districts
(file size 4.38 mb)
School Trustee Areas
(file size 3.29 mb)
Special Flood Hazard Areas
FEMA Floodplains (file size 3.06 mb) Effective 09/29/2011
(file size 3.09mb)
Tax Districts
Anderson County Tax Districts (file size 2.46mb)
Tax Map Grid (TMS)
Grid map for TMS numbers(4.2 mb)
(file size 3.35mb)
US Congressional District
(3.8mb file size)
Voting Precincts
(file size 3.57mb)
Walking Tracks
(0.5MB file size)
Water Service Areas
(file size 3.08mb)
Watershed Districts
Showing Anderson County Watershed Districts and Drainage Watersheds(file size 3.20mb)
 Disclaimer: The information contained in the maps/documents found on this site is obtained from the Anderson County, South Carolina computer systems, which are maintained for the internal use of the County. The County relies upon this data for the conduct of County business. The County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning its accuracy and completeness and users are advised that their use of any County maps or County data is at their own risk. The County assumes no responsibility for any decision made, or for any actions taken by the user based upon information obtained from this site.
Files are viewed using Adobe Reader. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Adobe Reader program before you can view these files. LINK HERE>>


Contact Information: Rhonda Phillips  


Phone: (864) 260-1056  
Physical Address: 401 East River Street
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8002 Anderson, SC 29622
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