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Anderson County Planning and Community Development


Mission Statement
The Planning and Community Development Department is entrusted with the long-range physical growth of Anderson County. Through its continued work with the Comprehensive Plan, community studies, the Major Road Plan, parks and recreational facilities, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance and subdivision/zoning regulations, the department ensures that the future growth of Anderson County will reflect the progressive vision of its residents.


Recreation Planning- The community services department provides recreational planning services to the municipalities, communities and recreation associates through out Anderson County. These planning services include, site design and location, equipment selection and purchasing and regulation, safety and ADA compliance.

Anderson County Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Building & Proclamation of Commitment to Full Implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan regarding county buildings, properties, facilities, parks, programs, services and activities - Please review and comment:

Please identify any potential barriers that you feel are an obstacle for Americans with Disabilities by referencing the specific building, property, facility, park, program, service and/or activity and email your responses to the Anderson County ADA Coordinator at wproctor@andersoncountysc.org.

Anyone who requires reasonable accommodations or reasonable modifications to programs and/or services secondary to a disability should send your written requests to Wayne Proctor, ADA Coordinator, Anderson County Planning & Community Development, PO Box 8002, Anderson, SC 29622. Requests or special accommodations, materials in alternative format or interpreters must be received no later than5 days prior to the event or service.

Your review and comments are most welcome as we seek to identify and ulitmately eliminate all barriers that limit the contributions and potential of those with disabilities residing in Anderson County, SC. Anderson County is committed to serving all citizens.

If you feel you have been denied services or accommodations, please contact the ADA Coordinator to file a grievance and request review of your denied service or request.

Wayne Proctor
Senior Planner/ADA Coordinator
Anderson County Planning & Community Development APA/ASLA Affiliate
Historic Courthouse
101 South Main Street, Room 16B
Anderson, SC 29624

OFFICE: 864.260.4720 or 864.260.4043
FAX: 864.260.4044

Subdivision Administration Summary Plats. - A summary plat is the division of land into 7 lots or less during any three-year period. All plats showing new lots must be submitted for approval to the Planning Division with a completed PLAT APPROVAL APPLICATION prior to recording the plat. A plat is exempt from the review process if it is a RESURVEY of an existing lot of record with NO changes to existing lot lines. Plats showing a RESURVEY must have the EXEMPTION FROM REVIEW PROCESS statement shown on plat. The surveyor can place the statement directly on the plat or you may get a sticker from the Register of Deeds Office to place on your plat.

Planning and Community Development Documents
The following documents are made available for you to download. To view documents you must first have a copy of the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer. See Below for download location.

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Community Planning Presentations -

The Simple Act: Saving Anderson County's Trees -

Community Planning Documents -

Anderson Mills Status - View


Landscape Designs - Exits 14 & 19


The Simple Act - (Brochure)

  2007 Comprehensive Plan - The purpose of the Anderson County Comprehensive Plan is to enable government officials and citizens to effectively manage natural, cultural, economic and fiscal resources in light of growth, change and an uncertain future.
  Air Quality - Air Quality Awareness Brochure
  Comprehensive Plan Community Presentation - A community meeting presentation on the Comprehensive Plan
  East-West Connector Study - Study and Overlay
  How Do I Apply For Zoning In My Precinct? - Informational brochure to guide citizens in applying for zoning.
  Hwy 81 Overlay Curb Cut Map - Map showing curb cuts
  Hwy 81 Overlay Map - Parcels subject to Overlay
  Hwy 81 Overlay Presentation 3-26-15 - PowerPoint presentation from the 3-26-15 Overlay community meeting
  Hwy 81 Overlay Survey Results - Results from the 81 Overlay survey
  Rezoning Application - Rezoning Application Packet
  Rezoning Checklist - Checklist to aid applicants in the rezoning process
  Rezoning Fee Schedule - Fee schedule for rezoning applications
  Submittal Deadlines and Tentative Meeting Schedule - Submittal Deadlines for Public Hearings and Tentative Schedule for Public Hearings 2015
  Zoning Petition - Petition for use when applying for zoning for a precinct
  Zoning Pros and Cons - List of common pros and cons
Recreational Planning -  

Accommodations Tax Grants - Eligible organizations are any government agency; board; commission; or pubic subdivision not specifically designated as a state agency and any non-profit or organization exempt from federal taxes. All applications must provide a federal identification number.

Subdivision Administration Documents -
Miscellaneous Documents -
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Contact Information: Michael Forman  


Phone: (864) 260-4720 Fax: (864) 260-4388  
Physical Address: 401 East River Street
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8022 Anderson, SC 29622
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