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Voter Registration and Elections

Please Note: If you are already registered to vote in Anderson County and you have an address change or correction, please notify the Voter Registration and Elections office (contact information at the bottom of this page). If you are not registered in Anderson County you may register by mail. This will allow you to vote in all the districts that you are entitled. You must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election in order to vote in that election.

Mission Statement

The Anderson County Registration and Elections Office mission is: To assure that the election process remain as it was designed to be – a fair and impartial process for all who seek elected office and for those who exercise their right to vote.

Any registered voter in South Carolina can purchase a list of registered voters. The list is available in the following formats: tape, diskette, mailing labels or printed report. Voters can be selected by any combination of the following: county, election district (house, senate, congressional, county council, city council, school district, etc.), age, sex, race, household, participation in a particular election, and date of registration.
Contact Liz Simmons (803) 734-9071

Anderson County Registration and Elections Commissioners
Reatha C. Crowe
1321 Manse Jolly Rd.
Anderson, SC 29621

Phone: 261-6172
cell: (864)245-8904

Karen Claflin
240 Fairplay Rd PO Box 303
Townville, SC 29689
(864) 958-3179
At Large
Matthew C Isom
107 Newington Cir
Anderson, SC 29621
(864) 226-2433

Peggy Taylor
4700 Abbeville Highway
Anderson, SC 29624
Phone: (864)296-1306

Linda J. Burdette, Vice-Chair
PO Box 672
Iva, SC 29655
Phone: (864)348-2630
Wilma D. Orr, Chair
223 Moore Rd.
Piedmont, SC 29673
Jean Holloway, Secretary
1100 Green Willow Trl
Anderson, SC 29621
Phone: (864)338-0219

Meeting Schedule:
Commission meetings are scheduled for the 1st Thursday of each quarter at 4:30 pm, at the Anderson County Registration & Election Office in the old Bailes Building, directly behind the Historic Court House.

Elections -Year 2014
  • U.S. Representative in Congress 3rd District
  • United States Senate
  • House of Representatives (Districts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • Governor
  • Lietenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • State Superintendent of Education
  • Adjutant General
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • County Probate Judge
  • County Council Districts (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
  • Soil & Water Commissioner - 2 seats
  • Watershed Commissioners
    • Big Creek Watershed – 3 seats
    • Broadmouth Creek Watershed – 2 seats
    • Brushy Creek Watershed – 3 seats
    • Three & Twenty Watershed – 2 seats
  • Homeland Park Water Commissioner – 3 seats
  • Piedmont Public Service District – 3 seats
  • County Board of Education Districts 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • School District Trustees
    • District 1 Area 1, 4, 5, 7
    • District 2 Area 1 (Two seats to fill) 3,4, At-Large
    • District 3 Area 1, 4, At-Large
    • District 4 Area 2, 4, 5
    • District 5 Area 2, 5, 6,, At-Large
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Voter Registration and Elections Documents-
Voter Registration Application - A citizen who wishes to register to vote can register in person at our county board of voter registration; or may download this form, complete it, and mail it to our county board of voter registration.
Voter Change of Name or Address Form -
Current Elected Officials - List of elected officials.
Voter Information - Includes Registration Requirements, Registering in Person, Registering by Mail, Change of Address or Lost Cards, Students, Voting Procedures, Voter Assistance, Absentee Voting and "Votomatic" voting instructions
Information for Candidates - Facts needed to run for a public office in South Carolina, Candidate's qualifications, Qualifications for office
Filing as a Candidate - Information on filing as a candidate and certified political parties.
Candidate Guidelines - Candidates and Poll Watchers and Campaign Literature
Anderson County Voting Precincts - Voter precincts and their location in Anderson County - Updated 5/5/2014
Election Night Reporting Guide - South Carolina State Election Commission uses an online tool called Election Night Reporting (ENR) to display results from elections on a Web site. The Web interface provides visitors with a graphical view of in-depth state and county results. Users are presented with a breakdown of votes received for a candidate by contest. Maps illustrate the counties or precincts reporting, voter turnout, and results by county or precinct. A reporting area allows interactive report creation and the ability to download detailed reports.
Poll Manager Information - Poll managers are greatly needed in Anderson County. Information included here: Poll Manager Qualifications, Training requirements, and Hours of Elections. Visit the link below "Poll Manager Information" for video demonstrations.
Poll Manager Training -
Absentee Application - To request an application to vote absentee, please fill out the Request for Absentee Ballot Application and submit. You must have Adobe Reader version 8 or higher to use the online form. We then will get the application to you.
Files are viewed using Adobe Reader. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Adobe Reader program before you can view these files. LINK HERE>>

Email Voter Registration at: acvote@andersoncountysc.org

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