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Anderson County Assessor's Department

Mission Statement
The Assessor's Office will accurately identify, assess, and classify all taxable real property in Anderson County in compliance with state and county laws, ordinances, and regulations, while maintaining accurate cadastral mapping data and providing efficient, courteous professional service to the public.

The Assessor’s Office classifies, maps, and appraises all of Anderson County’s real property. Real property is defined as all land as well as any buildings, structures or improvements on that land.

Public Access System
The Public Access System contains data, records and information pertaining to the Tax Records, Real Estate Information, Property Taxes, Vehicles, Permits as well as Court Dockets. To search the Public Access System please follow this link>>

Assessor's Department Documents
The following documents are made available for you to download. To view documents you must first have a copy of the free Adobe Reader program installed on your computer. See Below for download location.

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Instruction Sheets
Frequently Asked Questions Some of the most frequently asked questions at the Assessor's Office
Savings! 2011 Property Taxes Legal Residence - Agricultural Use - Mulitiple Lot Discount
Forms and Applications - Many of these documents are "Form Enabled" so you may type your information using your browser. Pursuant to State Law these documents must be printed out and the originals must be signed before they are considered legally acceptable.
Address Change Request for Real Estate 
Assessment Notice Copy of a blank assessment notice form. Contains useful information about your assessment. (Large File Size 4 MB)
Special Assessment Application 2013 Application for legal residence and agriculture use
Miscellaneous Documents
Glossary of Terms This document is included under the FORMS category for testing purposes. It can easily be updated from the administration menu
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Inter-Office Departments

  • Appraisal Department - The Assessor’s Office Appraisal Staff consists of eleven residential appraisers and two commercial appraisers, all of whom are under the supervision of the Chief Appraiser. Five of the appraisers on staff have obtained their State Certified Residential License (CR) designation, and one has earned a State Certified General License (CG) designation, which is the highest level one can be licensed through the SC Real Estate Board. Eight of the appraisers on staff have worked for the Assessor’s Office for five or more years.

    Currently, the Appraisal Staff is going door-to-door reviewing parcels of property in Anderson County to verify accuracy of the files for the 2001 reappraisal. This is an ongoing process with Anderson County, since it contains approximately 90,144 parcels in addition to 15,924 mobile homes, all of which require on-site inspection. In the Spring of 2000, door-to-door review will be postponed in order to measure and appraise all of the new construction that was completed in 1999. All properties that were split, subdivided, or combined during the previous year must also be reviewed at this time.

    All appraisers drive a vehicle with an Anderson County seal, and each of them have picture identification so the public will not be alarmed when appraisers perform on-site inspections.

    In addition to the job appraisers perform daily, they have been called on to assess damages incurred during natural disasters. In such instances, the appraisers report to the Emergency Preparedness Division an estimate of insured and uninsured property damages to see if there is a need for federal aid.

    All Appraisers are associate members of the South Carolina Association of Assessing Officers.

  • Data Processing Department Data Processing’s goal is to accurately maintain and update appraisal and property owner information on a day to day basis, while also providing courteous customer service to the public. Data Processing also continues to coordinate with the Department of Revenue and other tax offices to equitably assess property for tax purposes.
  • Mapping Department The Mapping Department is working closely with the digital mapping company in order to check the new mapping system for accuracy to ensure a high quality GIS base for the County. Mappers will use Arc View and Arc Info so they will be able to update the new mapping system when the time comes.

    All mappers are associate members of the South Carolina Association of Assessing Officers.

Contact Information: Mike Freeman  


Phone: (864) 260-4028 Fax: (864) 260-4099  
Physical Address: 401 East River Street
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8002 Anderson, SC 29622
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