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Precinct Lines and Polling Locations Changed

ANDERSON, S.C. (Sept.  16, 2019) – Four Anderson County Precincts are being re-designated and two are moving to new polling locations.  These changes have come about due to the recent settlement from November 2018 with the United States Department of Justice to ensure accessibility of polling locations to persons with disabilities, and growing concerns of long wait times at the polls on election day.

“We are required to ensure that every polling place is accessible to persons with disabilities by elections starting in 2019 and that all voters have ease of accessing the polls.” said, Katy Smith, Executive Director. While all four precincts had a shift of voters due to the re-designation of lines, only the West Savannah and Flat Rock precincts polling locations had to be relocated. “Every effort is being made to let voters within these precincts know about these changes,” said Smith. New voter registration cards will be mailed out beginning on Tuesday. It will contain all the information about name of polling location and address along with the precinct name.

Precinct # & Name              New Polling Location

028    Flat Rock                                        Grace Baptist Church

                                                                  6707 SC Hwy 81 Starr, SC 29684

 069     West Savannah                         Starr-Iva Middle School

                                                                   1034 Rainey Rd, Starr, SC 29684

047       Mountain Creek                          Gethsemane Baptist Temple

                                                                    6116 Hwy 81 S, Starr SC 29684

063        Starr                                         Starr Fire Station

                                                                   7715 Hwy 81 S, Starr SC 29684


In the instance where polling locations have changed at the next election a notice will be placed at the old polling place detailing where the new voting location will be and the phone number of the Voter Registration Office.  If any voter is concerned about where to vote or their voting registration information they may visit the South Carolina Election Commission website at  and click the section titled “Check My Voter Registration”.  Voters may also call the Anderson County Board at 260-4035 for more information.


This page was last modified in September 2019.

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