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Interoffice Departments

Appraisal Department

The Assessor’s Office Appraisal Staff consists of ten residential appraisers and two commercial appraisers, all of whom are under the supervision of the Assessor and Deputy Assessor. All appraisers are licensed through the SC Real Estate Appraisers Board. All meet Federal and State requirements to appraise property as mass appraisers. Five of the appraisers on staff have obtained their State Certified Residential Mass License (CRM) designation, and two had earned a State Certified General Mass License (CGM) designation, which is the highest level one can be licensed through the SC Real Estate Appraisers Board. Nine of the appraisers on staff have worked for the Assessor’s Office for six or more years. Five appraisers have worked for the Assessor’s office for ten years or more and two have more than twenty years with this office. All are excellent, well-trained appraisers that are very good at what they do. 

In the spring of the year, the appraisal staff site visits the properties that have had completed permits during the prior year (new construction). They also site visit properties that may have had a property split, property combined, or some other change to the property due to a newly recorded plat or deed. After these properties have been site visited, the Assessor’s Office sends out assessment notices for the properties that have increased in value over $1000 or had a change to the classification of their property (i.e., 4% legal residence, 6% other, agriculture use etc.). These notices are generally sent out in late summer or early fall and have printed on them the deadline in which the property may be appealed. During late fall and winter, the appraisers work their appeals and other site inspections relevant to the next reassessment. Also during the year, the appraisal staff is reviewing and processing any applications for special assessments such as applications for legal residence and agricultural use.

The appraisal staff is also constantly working and tracking sales for the next reassessment. Anderson County’s next scheduled implementation for the reassessment of over 115,000 parcels and mobile homes is Tax Year 2017.

It is virtually impossible to set up appointments for the properties that we site visit. So the public will not be alarmed, all appraisers can be identified by a vehicle bearing the Anderson County seal, a displayed County photo ID badge, and their appraisers’ license. Generally, the appraiser will go to the front door first and ring the doorbell and/or knock. If no one comes to the door, they will leave a door hanger showing the purpose of their visit. They will continue on with their visit which may require them taking some measurements around a house or outbuilding.

In addition to these jobs the appraisers perform daily, they have been called on to assess damages incurred during natural disasters. In such instances, the Assessor reports to the Emergency Preparedness Division an estimate of insured and uninsured property damages. This information is used to determine if the amount of damage meets the criteria for the County to request federal aid.

All appraisers are associate members of the South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials. 

Data Processing Department

Data Processing’s goal is to accurately maintain and update appraisal and property owner information on a day to day basis, while also providing courteous customer service to the public. Data Processing also continues to coordinate with the Department of Revenue and other tax offices to equitably assess property for tax purposes. 

Mapping Department

The Assessor’s Office Mapping Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Anderson County Tax Map. Each parcel of land in Anderson County is mapped using ArcGIS Software which ensures a high quality GIS base for the county. Our mapping department consists of 3 well-trained specialists whom are proficient in drawing accurate maps as well as having a good understanding of real estate title. When a deed or plat for a portion of an existing lot has been recorded, our mapping team will make the appropriate changes to the map and the tax record. These changes, whether they be splits, combines, or any type of change of property, take effect for the following tax year. Our mapping department also reviews some deeds that do not necessarily contain changes to property lines. 

Each year the mapping department is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the data record and mapping of over 1500 changes to property in Anderson County as well as verify the correct ownership of thousands of deeds that were not just a simple straight transfer. Our mapping department also delivers excellent customer service, by phone or in person, pertaining to some of the more complicated matters of real estate title as it applies to property tax.

Annually, our mappers attend the South Carolina Arc Users Conference among other training seminars in an effort to provide the very best service to Anderson County citizens.

 Tax Map parcels can be seen by using the Anderson County Property Viewer. Parcel information can also be obtained through the Public Access System.  Accept the Disclaimer, click Real Property, then Property Information.