The Honorable William D. Sharp

Anderson County Chief Magistrate

Office Location:
2404 N. Main Street
Anderson, SC 29621

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Summary Court Offices / Hours / Locations

Main Number: (864) 260-4055
Bond Court: (864) 231-3119 
Fax: (864) 260-4144

Civil Court

Magistrate Courts, also referred to as Summary Court or Small Claims Court, in Anderson County have countywide jurisdiction of civil matters involving claims that are $7,500 or less. The Civil division of Magistrate Courts handle matters of: summons and complaint (small claims), claim and delivery (repossession of personal property), landlord-tenant actions, judicial sales (vehicles, mobile homes, trailers), contract actions, restraining orders under the harassment and stalking statute, emergency Orders of Protections when Family Court is NOT in session and interpleader actions. Magistrate Courts do not settle real property disputes and civil matters involving amounts greater than $7500.00.

Persons appearing in Magistrate's Court are entitled to a trial by Judge or a trial by jury upon proper request. Magistrates are empowered to summons juries and conduct jury trials.