(864) 260-4190
(864) 260-4629 
735 Michelin Boulevard
Anderson, SC 29626

Work Requests:  864/260-4190

Roads & Bridges Manager:

     Matt Hogan

Engineering Projects:  
     Thulasi Vinayagam, P.E.

Encroachment Permits: 
     Valerie Proctor, Right of Way Coordinator
      David Cartee, Inspector

Subdivision Plan Review:
Bill Rutledge, P.E.

Subdivision Inspection: 
     Norman McGill

Special Tax District:
     Jill Sanders

Road Abandonment:
     Jill Sanders


Encroachment Permit
Encroachment Permit Policy
Traffic Calming Program 
Special Tax District Information
Road Abandonment Information


Road Type Information

Private Roads: These are roads that belong to private individuals who maintain them. The County does not perform maintenance on these roads. They are identified by a "P" prefix on the road name sign. (example: P-04-0212)

County Roads: These roads are built and maintained by the Anderson County Roads & Bridges Department. These roads are identified with a "C" prefix on the road name sign. (example: C-10-0155)

State Roads: These roads are maintained by the State of South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). If you have questions or concerns about these roads, please call SCDOT at (864) 260-2215. All State roads are identified with an "S" prefix on the road name sign. (example: S-4-0071). These numbers are normally on a black sign with white lettering. Add Content...