Starr C&D Landfill

390 Roy Arnold Rd
Starr, SC 29684


Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Scales will close 15 minutes early to allow time for customers to dispose of their materials and exit the landfill at closing time.

Starr Landfill

Starr C&D Landfill accepts:  


Construction Materials such as
Steel, glass, hardened concrete/asphalt, bricks, blocks, lumber, metal, plaster, insulation, roofing materials and shingles, floor coverings, etc. 

Land-clearing debris such as
Vegetation, clay, soil, sand, gravel, logs, rocks, tree stumps, brush/limbs and roots. 

*C&D and LCD are not to be mixed. 

Disposal fees:

$28/ton- for shingles * (Commercial and Residential)
$40/ton/min.- for asbestos shingles (Special Handling DHEC)
$28/ton- for commercial C&D and LCD
$20/each truck- for 2-year permit (Commercial Accounts Only)

*Anderson County residents are not charged for C&D and LCD disposal or non-contaminated metal.

Manufactured mobile homes: *(Commercial and Residential)

$200- for demolition and disposal per single-wide manufactured mobile home.
$300- for demolition and disposal per double-wide manufactured mobile home.
Disposal of demolished manufactured mobile homes is $28/ton.

*Owner is responsible for transportation to Starr C&D Landfill site.