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Involuntary Commitment


If you have personal knowledge of a person who suffers from mental illness or chemical  dependence (alcohol or drug addiction) who is endangering himself or others and is unwilling  to get help, the person may need involuntary commitment at a facility for treatment. 

If the need arises for an EMERGENCY COMMITMENT please contact the Mental Health Center in Anderson located at 200 McGee Rd. Anderson, SC 29625 with phone #864-260-2220. 

DO NOT COME TO THE PROBATE COURT FIRST, go to Mental Health Center first before coming to Probate Court. 

The Probate Court can only assist after the Mental Health Center has done an initial  screening. 

If the person is willing to be examined, a Detention Order is not needed. If the  person refuses to be examined, then you may bring the necessary documents issued to you  from the Mental Health Center to the Probate Court to seek an Order of Detention. This Order  allows the law enforcement officers to pick up the person and transport him/her to a doctor or  emergency room to be examined. 

Only a medical doctor can determine whether or not  commitment is necessary.

If you have an emergency situation that occurs outside normal working hours, you need to  call The Mental Health Center at 260-2220. A person will answer the Crisis Line and advise  you of the procedures in order to get help for the person in need of assistance. They will call the  Probate Judge when needed.


South Carolina Code of Laws - Mental Health
South Carolina Department of Mental Health
Anderson-Oconee-Pickens Mental Health Center
Patrick B Harris Psychiatric Hospital
National Alliance of the Mentally Ill