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The Honorable Tommy Dunn


The Anderson County Council office consists of seven County Council members, and a Clerk to Council. Our mission is to effectively serve the citizens of Anderson County by providing a safe place for the citizens of Anderson County to live, work, and play.

County Council Biographies


Hon. Craig Wooten
District One
Biography:  Lifelong resident of Anderson County.  Attended Pendleton High School. Married to wife Abby with three children.

Education:  Received his BS from Clemson University in Management and Accounting with emphasis in International Studies.

Profession:  Director of Business Development for Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc.

Community Involvement: Member of Concord Baptist Church. Anderson Red Cross Advisory Board Member, Ambassador ANMED Health, Anderson YMCA Major Gifts Committee, Board Member Anderson Crisis Pregnancy Center, South Carolina District Export Council.

Current Standing Committees/Boards: Chairman of Procurement  ADHOC Committee, Economic Development/Public Safety/Recycling & Solid Waste/Planning and Public Works/ and Terminal ADHOC Board Member; Board Member of Development Corporation of Anderson County.

Contact:  (864) 276-8867  or  Email

Hon. Gracie S. Floyd
District Two
Gracie S. Floyd was born and reared in Columbia, SC.  She attended Booker T. Washington High School, attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Allen University and earned her Masters of Education degree, her certification for secondary School Guidance Counselor and her certification for Secondary School Administration from Clemson University.

As an educator for thirty years, Mrs. Gracie, as she is often called, taught grades two through technical school, including adult education.  She also served as an assistant principal at Honea Path Middle school before accepting a position as a principal at Wright Middle School in Abbeville, SC.  While in Abbeville, she also directed the First Step Parenting Program for three years.  Mrs. Floyd's employment history also includes eight years with vocational rehabilitation as an employment evaluator and drug and alcohol abuse counselor.

When Mrs. Gracie's husband, the late William A. Floyd died in 1999, who was the first African American to serve on Anderson County Council, she was elected to complete his Council term.  Mrs. Floyd retired as the Director of Public Support for the Senior Solutions in Anderson, SC to devote more time as an Anderson County Council member in 2000.

Mrs. Gracie has continued to serve as Council District Two's representative for the past 16 years and is currently the longest serving Council member.

Mrs. Floyd has many accomplishments as a county council member, some of which includes:
*  Organized over 12 community based organizations in Council District Two.
*  Started a gang task force, working with the area law enforcement.
*  Worked to help eliminate sub-standard housing and secured funding to tear down sub-standard houses.
*  Catalyst bringing together county, state, and federal officials to implement the CAT Bus transportation system providing transportation from Anderson to Tri-County Technical College and Clemson University.
*  Instrumental in securing over $400,000 in grants to assist with the cleanup of old mill sites.

Mrs. Floyd is a member of the Anderson Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and is the past president of the South Carolina Black Council Association.

Mrs. Gracie is the proud mother of two sons, Gregory and Kenny.

Contact:  (864) 226-3491


Hon. S. Ray Graham
District Three


Biography:   Lifelong resident of Anderson County.  Attended Belton-Honea Path High School. Graduated from the SC Police and Fire Academy.

Education:  Attended Tri-County Technical College

Profession:  Served with the City of Belton Fire Department, Anderson City Police Department and Anderson County Sheriff's Department.  Current owner/operator of Cam's Café in Iva.

Community Involvement:  Member of the Iva First Baptist Church with his with Linda and their four children.  Proud grandparent of three.  Member of the Starr-Iva Business Alliance.

Current Standing Committees/Boards:  Chairman of Economic Development and Public Safety/Health and Human Services Boards. Board member of Finance Committee, Administration Policy/Rules Committee and Civic Center ADHOC Committees.  Serves on the Development Corporation of Anderson County.

Contact:  (864) 844-1163 or Email


Hon. Tom Allen
District Four


Biography:  Born in Chillicothe, Ohio and where he resided until he joined the U. S. Air Force and later the U. S. Army, moving to Anderson in 1997 intending to retire only to run for the County Board of Education where he served the Anderson Community until 2006.
Education:  Received BS Degree from Ohio University and MS Degree in Environmental Health from East Tennessee State University.  Attended the U. S. Command and General Staff College.
Profession:  Retired LT Colonel.
Community Involvement:   Member Military Officers Association of America, Water Education and Environmental Center, National Rifle Association, Imagine Anderson.
Current Standing Committees/Boards:  Chairman of Administration Policy and Rules and Airport Terminal ADHOC Committee's;Board Member on Economic Development, Recycling/Solid Waste, Recodification ADHOC and Procurement ADHOC Committee's.Contact:  (864) 964-9976  or Email

Hon. Tommy Dunn
District Five


Biography:  Lifelong resident of Anderson County, graduated from Westside High School.
Profession: 34 years as a local entrepreneur.  Owner/operator of D and H Construction Company.
Community Involvement:  32 years as a volunteer fireman with Centerville Fire Department.   Served as Vice Chairman for the Anderson County Fire Commission and as Fire Chief at Centerville Fire Department.
Current Standing Committee's/Boards: Chairman of County Council, Board Member on Economic Development Board, Personnel and Recodification ADHOC Committees, Development Corporation of Anderson County, and Civic Coordinating Committee, and President of Home Builders Association of Anderson.  Also served four years on the Anderson County Planning Commission.Contact:  (864) 844-3765  or  Email

Hon. Kenneth Waters
District Six


Biography:  Lifelong resident of Anderson County graduated from Wren High School. Retired from the U. S. Air Forces as a Chief Master Sergeant where he held many command leadership positions and received the Air Force Commendation Medal. Married to Sherry and blessed with three children.
Profession:  Employed by Duke Energy as a Distribution Engineer Technician.
Current Standing Committees/Boards:  Chairman of Finance, Recodification ADHOC and Civic Center ADHOC Committee's, Board Member on Economic Development Board, Public Safety Committee, Planning and Public Works Committee and Airport Terminal ADHOC Committee.Contact:  (864) 430-0123  or Email

Hon. M. Cindy Wilson
District Seven


Biography:  Anderson County native.  Graduated from T. L. Hanna High School.
Education:  Received BFA from University of South Carolina.
Profession:  Real Estate Broker; Farmer.
Community Involvement:  Member of Concord Baptist Church; Member Western Upstate Association of Realtors; Anderson County Republican Party and Republican Women Associations; Life member United States Pony Club, Inc and South Carolina Horse Council.
Current Standing Committees/Boards:  Chairman of Planning and Public Works Committee; Economic Development, Finance Committee, Procurement ADHOC Committee Member, and Development Corporation of Anderson County Member, and an Appalachian Council of Government Transportation Committee and Economic Development Information Systems Board Member.Contact:  (864) 261-3980  or  Email
Ms. Lacey A. Croegaert
Clerk to Council
Biography: Ms. Croegaert, a native of Illinois, has served as Clerk to Council since January 2018. She and her husband Shane are the proud parents of three children.
Education: Associate of Applied Science, Business Administration, Forrest College
Contact phone number:  (864) 260-1036  or  Email



AGENDA & MINUTES ARCHIVE (1977-2015) (2016-2017 HERE)

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: August 13, 2018

Regular Meeting: August 7, 2018 (35 MB) Smaller File Here

Public Safety Committee Meeting: August 2, 2018

Special Called Meeting: July 31, 2018

Parks & Recreation Ad-Hoc Committee: July 19, 2018

Public Safety Committee Meeting: July 13, 2018

Finance Committee Meeting: July 13, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: July 13, 2018

Regular Meeting: July 10, 2018

Administrative Policy & Rules Committee Meeting: July 9, 2018

Public Safety Committee Meeting: July 9, 2018

Regular Meeting: June 19, 2018

Special Called Meeting: June 18, 2018

Capital Projects Committee Meeting: June 12, 2018

Administrative Policy & Rules Committee: June 12, 2018

Special Called Meeting: June 8, 2018

Regular Meeting: June 5, 2018

Planning and Public Works Committee Meeting: June 5, 2018

Regular Meeting: May 15, 2018

Special Called Meeting: May 14, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: May 11, 2018

Administrative Policy & Rules Committee: May 9, 2018

Parks & Recreation Ad-hoc Committee Meeting May 9, 2018

Regular Meetiing: May 1, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: April 30, 2018

Special Called Meeting: April 27, 2018

Public Safety Committee Meeting: April 20, 2018

Regular Meeting: April 17, 2018 | April 17, 2018 Draft Minutes

Finance Committee Meeting: April 13, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: April 12, 2018

Administrative Policy & Rules Committee: April 12, 2018

Regular Meeting: April 3, 2018 | April 3, 2018 Final Minutes

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: March 26, 2018

Regular Meeting: March 20, 2018 | March 20, 2018 Final Minutes

Public Safety Committee Meeting: March 19, 2018

Special Presentation Meeting: March 15, 2018

Regular Meeting: March 6,2018 | March 6, 2018 Final Minutes

Finance Committee Meeting: March 5, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: February 27, 2018

Regular Meeting: February 20, 2018 | February 20, 2018 Final Minutes

Finance Committee Meeting: February 16, 2018

Regular Meeting: February 6, 2018 | February 6,2018 Final Minutes

Finance Committee Meeting: February 5, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: February 1, 2018

Public Safety Committee Meeting: February 1, 2018

Civic Center Ad-hoc Committee Meeting: January 24, 2018

Regular Meeting: January 16, 2018January 16, 2018 Final Minutes

Public Safety Committee Meeting: January 16, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: January 12, 2018

Planning & Public Works Committee Meeting: January 8, 2018

Regular Meeting: January 2, 2018 January 2, 2018 Final Minutes

  • August 14, 2018, 6:00 p.m.: Planning Commission Meeting [Agenda]
  • August 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m.: Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting [Agenda]
  • July 9, 2018: Planning Commission Meeting [Agenda]

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