Development Standards

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The Anderson County Development Standards Office is responsible for reviewing new and existing land use development plans and applications, commercial, large-scale projects, industrial, multi-family, subdivisions, zoning, and floodplain development permit applications, assist with request for zoning inquires, accept septic tank permit applications for SCDHEC, respond to complaints of land use and zoning violations, answer citizen inquires, process appeals and variances regarding land development and zoning codes.


Land Use Development Standards Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance were enacted to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the general public by ensuring the orderly development of the County through the fair and consistent administration and enforcement. These ordinances protect both the property owner's interest in their own property as well as neighboring properties of the residents of Anderson County.


  • New Construction, Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Subdivisions
  • Structures located within the 100 Year Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Additions to Existing Structures
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Site Improvements
  • Filling, Grading, Excavation, Mining and Dredging
  • Home Based Businesses
  • New Signs Temporary Signs and Sign Modifications
  • Accessory Structures, Temporary Buildings, and Detached Structures


Summary Plats should read: A summary plat is the division of land into 7 lots or less during any three year period. All plats showing new lots must be submitted for approval to the Development Standards Office with a completed PLAT APPROVAL APPLICATION prior to recording the plat. Please allow for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for approval. A plat is exempt from the review process if it is a RESURVEY of an existing lot of record with No changes to existing lot lines. Plats showing resurvey must have the EXEMPTION FROM REVIEW PROCESS Statement on the plat or you may get a sticker from the Register of Deeds Office to place on your plat. Plats located within cities and towns within Anderson County are required to submit the plat to the appropriate jurisdiction for approval prior to submitting to the Register of Deeds Office. Land submitted for lots with over 7 lots must follow the formal subdivision submittal process listed below with the subdivision approval process.

Application Guides and Forms

Appeal Zoning Administrator's Interpretation 35.62 KBDownload
Billboard Application with checklist130.18 KBDownload
Commercial Land Use Applicationwith fee schedule153.72 KBDownload
Complaint Formallow a minimum of 15 business days from date form is received for complaint to be investigated38.62 KBDownload
Fee Schedule-Commercial, Industrial Land Use as of 201362.54 KBDownload
Fee Schedule-Development Standards  94.61 KBDownload
Floodplain Development Permit Application 36.27 KBDownload
Freedom of Information Request Form 460.37 KBDownload
Grading Permitfor Subdivision Development and Commercial Grading117.40 KBDownload
Home Occupation Applicationwith informational guide110.67 KBDownload
Land Disturbing Activity Application 133.84 KBDownload
Land Use Permit Application with checklist322.36 KBDownload
Medical Exception in Un-zoned Areas 45.89 KBDownload
Medical Exception in Zoned Areas 52.90 KBDownload
Request for Zoning Letter 39.02 KBDownload
Sign Permit Applicationwith checklist102.77 KBDownload
Sign Permit-Temporarywith checklist, informational guide, and placement regulations127.93 KBDownload
Site Plan Informational Guide 51.13 KBDownload
Special Exception Application 30.64 KBDownload
Subdivision Packetincludes application and checklist223.28 KBDownload
Summary Plat Approval Form 38.34 KBDownload
Up-Fits to Existing Buildings Form 38.84 KBDownload
Variance Application 92.96 KBDownload