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The Honorable Steven C. Kirven

Monthly foreclosure sales will resume on April 6, 2021. Deficiency sales will resume on May 6, 2021 which will include any deficiency from the April sale or those held over from prior sales.

Steven C. Kirven,
Master in Equity for Anderson County

General: Masters are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the General Assembly for a term of six years. They may serve in a full or part-time capacity and are compensated by the county governing body. Masters-In-Equity have jurisdiction in matters referred to them by the Circuit Courts. They have the power and authority of the Circuit Court sitting without a jury, to regulate all proceedings in every hearing before them, and to perform all acts and take all measures necessary or proper for the efficient performance of their duties under the order of reference. This includes the power to rule on all motions, require the production of evidence, rule upon the admissibility of evidence, and call witnesses and examine them under oath. Masters may also conduct sales under certain circumstances. There are currently 23 counties with a Master-In-Equity. Act 55 of 1999 and Rule 53, SCRCP, altered the appeals process or final judgments. Instead of going to the Circuit Court these appeals will now go to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals as provided by the Appellate Court rules.

(from https://www.sccourts.org/masterscourt/)

The Monthly Master's sale is generally held the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month at 11:00 AM. These sales are held at the Anderson County Courthouse, third floor, courtroom #2.

For property information check the case file in the office of the Clerk of Court. The Order and Notice of sale will give you details about the property and terms of sale.

Bidders should come prepared to IMMEDIATELY deposit five percent (5%) of their bid to the Master-In-Equity office in CASH or by CERTIFIED CHECK.

The Master does NOT guarantee titles, any interested party should consider an independent title examination as NO WARRANTY IS GIVEN. The Master does NOT provide mobile home titles or is responsible for supplemental orders for the Highway Department. The Master makes no representation as to the integrity of the title or the fair market value of the property.

Neither this office nor its staff gives legal, financial or other advice.  Any information obtained from this office or itsstaff, regardless of form, should not be taken as legal or financial advice.  Persons seeking to purchase properties from foreclosures or other sales should obtain independent advice as to value, sufficiency of title, tax consequences, other liens, and all other matters related to said purchase.  Persons involved in litigation should obtain counsel and may not rely on any information obtained from this office as legal advice.

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