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* Please contact the Anderson County Zoning Administrator at 864.260.4719 or go to
Anderson County Development Standards for any questions regarding interpretation or enforcement of
the Anderson County Zoning Map and Chapter 70 Ordinance.*


Zoning Implementation

Anderson County practices referendum based zoning by Voting Precinct. Any registered voter may obtain and circulate a petition requesting a zoning referendum in their precinct. Once a petition containing signatures from 15% of the registered voters residing in unincorporated areas of that voting precinct have been obtained, County staff will file the petition and set a date for the referendum. Public meetings are held by Planning staff to gather input from the area residents and property owners to develop a preliminary zoning map of the precinct. County Council holds a public hearing and two readings prior to the referendum. If the referendum results in majority approval of zoning, Council will then consider adopting and implementing the proposed zoning map at final reading.

How do I Apply for Zoning in My Precinct?           Zoning Referendum Petition              Zoning Designations



A property owner has the right to request a zoning map amendment for their property. In order to apply, the property owner or his/her agent must submit a completed rezoning application to the Planning Department staff along with the appropriate fee.

The public is notified through a public notice in the Anderson-Independent Mail, signs posted on the property and postcards sent to all property owners within 2000' of the zoning map amendment request.

The request is heard by a district specific Zoning Advisory Group, which forwards a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission holds a public hearing and makes a formal recommendation to County Council.

County Council holds a public hearing and considers the request. The request requires three readings prior to formal adoption of the zoning map amendment.

Rezoning Application               Rezoning Checklist              Submittal Dates and Hearing Schedule 2018 



2018 Rezoning Petitions


Ordinance #





Public Hearings


 2018-008 William J. Cooley, Jr. R-20 C-2 2442 Whitehall Road
(TMS 095-06-03-017)
3/13/2018 (PC)
4/3/2018 (CC)

 Denied on 4/3/2018
 2018-009 RW Properties, LLC  R-A  R-20 Corner of Hamlin and Merritt Roads
(TMS p/o 139-00-02-109)
3/13/2018 (PC)
4/3/2018 (CC)

 Denied on 4/17/2018
 2018-007 Bill and Brady D. Collins  R-M7  C-3 Highway 24 and Welborn Street
(TMS 028-07-03-006; 028-07-04-001;
028-07-04-002; 028-07-04-003;
028-07-04-004; 028-07-04-005;
028-07-04-006; 028-07-04-026)
3/13/2018 (PC) 
4/3/2018 (CC)
 Approved on 5/15/2018
 2018-010 Patton Development SC, LLC  R-A  C-1R Corner of Mountainview Road &
Old Williamston Road
(TMS p/o 165-02-02-003)
3/13/2018 (PC) 
4/3/2018 (CC)
 Approved on 5/1/2018
 2018-013 Sherwood R. Belangia  R-M7  R-M 1351 Old Williamston Road
(TMS 149-18-02-001) 
4/10/2018 (PC) 
5/1/2018 (CC)

 Denied on 5/1/2018
 2018-xxx Tom Thompson for
Wolverine Property Management
 R-20  R-M2 3032 Midway Road
(TMS 147-00-07-001)
5/8/2018 (PC)
6/5/2018 (CC)

 2018-xxx Justin Chriscoe  R-20  R-A 1215 Brown Road
(TMS 198-00-05-054)

5/8/2018 (PC)
6/5/2018 (CC)

 2018-xxx Shree Jayambe, LLC  C-2  R-MHP 1113 Beaverdam Road
(TMS p/o 220-00-11-001)
6/12/2018 (PC)
7/3/2018 (CC)


 *PC - Planning Commission; CC - County Council

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