Solid Waste

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In 2016, Anderson County was the only county in South Carolina to reach SCDHEC's 40% recycling rate goal.  Not only did Anderson County reach the goal but we surpassed the goal with a 42% recycling rate!  Anderson County Solid Waste and Keep Anderson County Beautiful would like to thank our residents and businesses for making it possible to achieve this remarkable accomplishment.   Because of your recycling, you have made our home a better place to live, work and play!!

If you would like to read the SCDHEC report for 2016, click here.  The Anderson County report is on page 43.

What we do: 

The Solid Waste department provides Anderson County residents with a cost efficient Solid Waste program that delivers adequate recycling/reusing and disposal opportunities for household garbage, construction and demolition material, yard debris, and recyclables as well as developing anti-litter, beautification and recycling education programs which will promote the quality of life.

Services Provided:


  • Provides waste and recycling collection services for Anderson County residents at convenience center facilities. 
  • Engages in the recovery of recyclable materials in preparation for market at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF): recyclables, electronics and tires. 
  • Ensures adequate disposal of construction/demolition materials and land clearing debris for residents and businesses at the Starr C&D Landfill
  • Conducts community clean-up and beautification projects to sustain community cleanliness and pride
  • Enforces County Litter Ordinances and State Litter Laws to prevent unsightly litter from roadways, illegal dumping and open storage on Anderson County properties
  • Promotes public education and awareness or anti-litter and recycling initiatives in Anderson County