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Mr. Jon Batson
Stormwater Director

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In a few simple steps, YourGOV users can submit common non-emergency issues — such as potholes, vandalism, street light outages and more — complete with location, details and photos. Once submitted, YourGOV will automatically deliver requests to the County where they are reviewed and routed for proper handling.

The Stormwater Department complies with federal and state regulations and permits associated with rainfall runoff from Anderson County’s facilities and operations. We also regulate private land development related to stormwater pollution during the construction process and after construction is complete. This is done through a permitting and inspection program. Lastly, we search for unnoticed pollution sources and work with the public to eliminate them. Although the department was created to comply with federal and state regulations and permits, the ultimate goal is to protect Anderson County’s lakes, streams, and groundwater from pollution.

Visit the Anderson and Pickens Counties Stormwater Partners' website here, or check out their Facebook page here.

For more information about South Carolina DHEC regulations regarding Stormwater, visit their site at

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