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Technology Services

Mark Williamson
Chief Information Officer

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The vision of the Technology Services Department is to connect people to information, in order to connect people to community. In today’s fast paced and information savvy climate, our role is to provide the seamless flow of information to the community. Ultimately, we serve Anderson County’s 200,000 plus citizens through our County Staff of 980. There are no departments or citizens immune from the impact of technology, therefore our role is to continuously seek to innovate our systems to allow for the next advancement in technology while continuing to provide a quality user experience. More than ever, people seek engagement with and from their communities through technology. Our mission is to serve our people through solving challenges related to technology while maintaining a high priority of security for our resources.

Services Provided

  • Install, upgrade, and maintain County network infrastructure such as WAN, LAN, Internet and email access.
  • Provide network security (anti-virus, anti-spam, spyware & intrusion detection) and daily backup of servers.
  • Design, develop, implement, and maintain software applications to enable County departments to meet the demands of federal, state, and local mandates.
  • Provide services to the public in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Install, upgrade, and repair desktop equipment. Provide the most efficient equipment, maintaining this equipment in good working condition and replacing or repairing equipment as necessary.
  • Provide Help Desk support to better track and resolve problems. Calls are logged and assigned to staff for resolution.
  • Provide employee training on current versions of Desktop software.

This page was last modified in September 2020.