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A message from Sheriff McBride

A message from Sheriff Chad McBride during the Governor’s Stay at Home Order and COVID-19.

Anderson, SC (7 April 2020, 1:30 p.m. EDT) – On April 6th 2020 at 5pm, Governor McMaster issued a stay at home order to South Carolinians. We wanted to address the stay at home order since there are many questions concerning exceptions, essential jobs, recreation, etc.

As we have said before, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is your sheriff’s office. We are a part of this community and want to keep this community safe as possible. We live here and work here and are stakeholders in this community as well. We care about how the virus has affected us, how it’s going to affect us, and what the lasting impact will be. We hope that people will take the virus seriously and take measures to protect themselves, their families and each other. Still practice social distancing as this has proven to be effective. Staying at home will help flatten the curve.

There are many things that you can still do and have been encouraged to do. You can still support your local restaurants and businesses that have not required to close. You can still keep a check on family members, still go to the convenience centers to dispose of garbage, and you can still go fishing and hunting. You can still exercise, worship, and work if your job requires you to do so.

If you have a job and are required to work, you do not need documentation or a placard to verify that you are essential. We are not going to be stopping you or pulling you over to check for this. Traffic stops will be initiated for reasons that are lawful and in accordance with violations that would normally cause us to perform a traffic stop.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office’s function will be to keep the peace, provide law and order and serve and meet our citizen’s needs. If you have a specific need and cannot find help with this need, we want to help or help find the appropriate resource that is out there to help you.

As I have said before, this is a time for us to focus on God, bring prayer back in our lives, pray for our community, County, State and our great Nation. Let’s take opportunities to serve one another, look out for our neighbors, and just be good human beings as we all face this challenge together.


This page was last modified in April 2020.

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