Due to the disruptions of our normal procedures made necessary by Orders from the Governor and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Carolina, we have assessed the operation of the Anderson County Courthouse.  Effective immediately, all non-essential employees have been asked to stay home and perform their duties via e-mail and remote computers.  Each day, a small number of team members will come in to check mail, handle administrative duties and conduct any emergency hearings deemed necessary by our judges.  This team will only address criminal, civil and family court matters.  Once these issues are handled, we believe it is best to send our employees back to their homes.

The courthouse is and will remain closed to the general public.  Until further notice, a small operating staff will be in our offices from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  After these hours, e-mails can be directed to rshirley@andersoncountysc.orgVoicemails may be left on my telephone at (864)260-4303.  We will check these messages frequently and all inquiries will have replies no later than during the morning of the next business day.

We have two other elected officials in our courthouse. Probate Judge Martha Newton and Solicitor David Wagner will be operating their offices in this same manner.  Voicemails may be left for the solicitor’s staff at (864)260-4046 and for Judge Newton’s office, you can e-mail to mnewton@andersoncountysc.org or call at (864)260-4293.

All employees of the Anderson County Courthouse urge you to take every health precaution and be safe!  We look forward to returning to our normal hours and duties as soon as possible.