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Anderson County P.A.W.S. Growing Young Veterinarians Internship Program

ANDERSON COUNTY P.A.W.S. GROWING YOUNG VETERINARIANS INTERNSHIP PROGRAMAnderson County, S.C. – Anderson County P.A.W.S. has taken on quite a few new roles over the past few years.  The staff has taken on the responsibility of helping other Upstate shelters succeed in becoming life savers as well.  One such program is focusing on growing young veterinarians with an interest in shelter medicine.  P.A.W.S. has an internship program with students from The College of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee University.  Through this program veterinary students spend summers and breaks working at the shelter learning the importance of herd health, humane standards of care and they get hands on learning that will allow them to be more competent veterinarians once they graduate.

Randy Green, a third year student, had the following to say about his P.A.W.S. internships  “I was once told, the marks a student receives doesn’t determine their end proficiency, yet the experiences, mentorship and dedication to lifelong learning do. Working for Anderson county P.A.W.S. has not only developed my surgical skills but it has contributed to my understanding of the human animal bond. Through the years working at P.A.W.S. I have encountered many different people with various backgrounds. These people had an attachment to an animal in the shelter whether it was their lost animal that had been found or it was an animal they were wanting to adopt. 

Through these individuals I witnessed the love and compassion that is clearly described through the human animal bond. Watching the caretakers, kennel workers, management, clinic personnel and Animal Control  interact with the public and  animals has greatly contributed to the understanding and  importance of the role of  a veterinarian within the community. Anderson County P.A.W.S. has contributed greatly to my education at Tuskegee University. Giving me skills and knowledge that I can not only apply within the classroom but share with the future veterinarians of my generation. For this I am forever thankful!”

Anderson County P.A.W.S. is proud to be supporting the next generation of shelter veterinarians.  These students learn firsthand the struggles and successes that come with running an animal shelter.  There is no better feeling than to be the voice for the voiceless animals in our care.  We are thankful for all of our partnerships that have allowed us to save so many lives.


MEDIA CONTACT:  Dr. Kim Sanders, Anderson County P.A.W.S.

   Director and Veterinarian

   O. 864.964.6575

This page was last modified in March 2019.

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