Martha Newton
Anderson County Probate Judge

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To serve the citizens of Anderson County in a professional, proficient, and courteous manner with their needs in the areas of the Probate Court.  The Anderson County Probate Court handles all matters pertaining to Estates of decedents; protection of minors and incapacitated adults; Trusts; issuance of marriage licenses, involuntary commitment for mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, and active pulmonary tuberculosis; and wrongful death and survival action settlements.



In the event of a death, bring both the will and death certificate of the person who has passed away to the Probate Court within thirty days of death.  If NO will exists, the closest relative should come in person with the death certificate to open the estate.  Must file original documents, copied/faxed documents cannot be accepted.




If an adult is "incapacitated" as a result of mental and/or physical impairment, and unable to make decisions for their health and welfare a Guardian may be appointed to make such decisions for them.  If they are unable to make financial decisions or manage their financial affairs, a Conservator may be appointed to handle their finances.  The appropriate Petitions are available through Forms & Documents section of SC Judicial website or in our office.  After receiving the necessary medical reports and visitors report, a Guardian Ad Litem will be appointed to represent the alleged incapacitated person and a hearing will be held to determine if an applicant should be appointed.

If a minor receives more than $10,000.00, a Conservator must be appointed to manage their funds until they attain age 18 years.  The appropriate Petitions to begin such proceedings are usually prepared by an attorney. 



Both parties must be 18 years or older and appear together to apply for a marriage license.  All applicants must present a Social Security Card and a legal document showing his/her proper name.  Name on Social Security information must match identification.  The cost of a marriage license is $46 (CASH ONLY).  There is a 24-hour waiting period in South Carolina from the time you apply for the marriage license until the time the license can be issued.  After the waiting period has expired one the contracting parties must return to pick up the license.

There are additional requirements if one of the parties is under age 18 and at least 16 years old:  certified copy of the Birth Certificate, that must be left with the Probate Court permanently; and parent's consent, parent must appear in Probate Court with proper identification to link him/her with the minor.