Anderson County, S.C. (August 2, 2018) – The runways at Anderson Regional Airport (KAND) are scheduled for temporary closure starting at 8:30 PM on Sunday, August 12th.  Runways are expected to reopen no later than 8:00 AM on Monday, August 20th.  All air traffic operations, including takeoffs and landings, will be suspended at KAND during the closure period.

The temporary closure is due to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of KAND runway 5-23.  During the closure, work will be performed in and around the intersection on runways 5-23 and 17-35.

“The closure is absolutely necessary as our contractors require enough time to repair degradation found at the intersection of runway 5-23 and runway 17-35, which has proven to be much more extensive than originally thought,” said Anderson Regional Airport Manager Justin Julian.

The closure dates and times may be modified due to weather conditions or other factors.  Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Anderson Regional Airport administration office at (864) 260-4163 or the airport’s Fixed Base Operations (FBO) staff at (864) 964-5656.

The airport will be issuing Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) to advise transient air traffic of the closure.



Justin Julian, Anderson Regional Airport Manager
(864) 260-4163,