Anderson Regional Airport

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Jet - A                      $4.50

Avgas - Self Service            $4.68

Avgas - Full Service             $5.01


Jet-A                    $4.50

Avgas - Self Service        $4.68

Avgas - Self Service        $5.01

Jet-A        $4.58                      Avgas - Self Service        $3.99                    Avgas - Full Service        $4.49

Welcome to Anderson Regional Airport

KAND, which generates $12,967,110 in annual economic activity, played host to the The Bill & Jo Trent Airshow on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

The Anderson Regional Airport serves the citizens and businesses of Anderson County and surrounding areas. The FAA Part 139 Airport has a Category I Instrument Landing System for all weather operations. Fueling, aircraft storage, pilot services, and aircraft services are provided by a well-trained and courteous line staff. As a Titan Aviation (Shell) fuel distributor, we offer the highest grade of aviation fuel in the industry. Other Airport amenities include flight planning and catering, as well as a pilot lounge, quiet room, free crew car, car rental, and conference room.

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