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Hon. Jacky Hunter
Vehicles on Main St.

The Auditor's Office serves the taxpayers of Anderson County with a knowledgeable, capable, and compassionate staff available to answer any questions concerning their property taxes.

Jacky HunterAnderson County Auditor, was elected in November 2004 and is now in his fourth term of office. Jacky graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He received his Masters in Professional Accountancy from Clemson University. Jacky previously served as Finance Director for Anderson County and has over 25 years of service with the county. Along with serving on multiple boards and committees, he also served as the 2013 President for the South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials. Jacky and his wife of 47 years, Janice, have two children and two grandchildren.


Before you can register your vehicle with the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must first pay the property taxes that are required in the county in which you reside. If you are a resident of Anderson County, you can file your vehicle with the Anderson County Auditor's Office (to get a tax bill) and pay your vehicle's taxes to the Anderson County Treasurer at the same time by visiting one of our convenient locations.

  • Main Office, 401 E River St., Anderson, SC 29624
  • Powdersville Office (located inside library), 4 Civic Ct., Powdersville, SC 29642 (Please note this office is only open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. & closed for lunch 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.)

What to bring:

If you are registering a vehicle for the first time in South Carolina, you will need to bring one of the following documents to the Auditor's Office:

  • Registration from your previous state of record; or
  • Title; or
  • Bill of Sale

* Note: If your vehicle has been previously registered in South Carolina, contact the Auditor's Office at (864) 260-4027 to determine what documentation you need to bring.

Registering your vehicle with the S.C. DMV

After you have paid your tax bill, you can register your vehicle with the S.C. DMV. For more information about what you must bring to the DMV to register your vehicle and for DMV office locations, visit http://www.scdmvonline.com or call 1 (800) 442-1DMV.

  • Request for Review
  • Recreational Vehicle Qualification Form (Travel Trailers/Motorhomes)
  • High Mileage Chart: 2021 High Mileage Chart
  • How do I apply for high mileage?
    • Effective May 1, 2010, documentation for the high mileage discount is required. Oil changes receipts or service receipts showing mileage and vehicle identification will be accepted. The vehicle may also be brought to the Auditor's Main Office (Anderson location) for verification. Visual inspections are not available at the Powdersville location.
Business Personal Property
Homestead Exemption

The Homestead Exemption Act

In 1972, the General Assembly passed the Homestead Exemption Law which provided property tax relief for South Carolinians age sixty-five, blind or disabled. The program exempts the first $50,000 of the value of your home.

Do I qualify for the Homestead Exemption?

You may qualify if you are one of the following:

  • Age 65 on or before December 31, preceding the tax year in which you wish to claim the exemption.
  • Certified totally and permanently disabled by a State or Federal agency, as of December 31, preceding the tax year in which you wish to claim the exemption.
  • Legally blind as of December 31, preceding the tax year in which you wish to claim the exemption.
  • The surviving spouse of a qualifying applicant

Applicants MUST also be:

  • A legal resident of South Carolina for at least one year on or before December 31, preceding the year for which the exemption is claimed.


  • Hold fee simple title or partial title to your house or mobile home or certain life estates or other property titles as of December 31, preceding the year for which the exemption is claimed.

How do I apply for the Homestead Exemption?

You must apply for the Homestead Exemption at your County Auditor’s Office. If you are unable to go to the Auditor’s Office, you may authorize someone to make the application for you.

What documents do I need?

  •  Proof of Residency such as SC Driver’s License or SC Identification Card.

Note: DL or ID MUST have correct address.

  • Proof of Age such as Birth Certificate, Medicare Card, and/or SC Driver’s License.
  • If you are applying because of disability or blindness, you must submit your certification indicating the original award date from the State or Federal agency that had authority to make the declaration.

Do I need to reapply annually?

No, the only reason for reapplication is as follows:

  • Death of eligible owner (surviving spouse must reapply)
  • Change in the deed to your home
  • If you move to a new home
  • Change in disability status
  • Rental of your home
  • Remarriage of surviving spouse

For additional information please contact the Auditor’s Office at (864) 260-4027.

Military Exemptions

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