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County Emergency Medical Services

Mr. Steven Kelly
EMS Director

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Anderson County EMS & Special Operations is dedicated to the reduction of morbidity and mortality of residents and visitors of Anderson County through the provision of Medical Direction for E911 Emergency Medical Dispatch, as well as Advanced and Basic Life Support pre-hospital care and medically directed rescue and transportation of the sick and injured, by our County’s skilled EMS providers.

Additionally EMS & Special Operations shall provide emergency medical oversight and direction for all EMS care and response provided by this County’s employees and contractors including routine emergency response, tactical EMS, technical rescue, hazardous materials, water rescue and WMD/CBRNE.

Do you have feedback on EMS service in Anderson County? Please email us at QA@andersoncountysc.org.

EMS Advisory Committee meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of each odd month at 7:00pm.   They are held on the second floor of the EOC Center of Excellence located at 200 Bleckley St, Anderson SC.

For more information contact Ms. Sheila Kaiser at (864) 332-5750.

Advisory Committee Members

District Member  District Member 
 1 Ms. Hilda Harbin 5 Mr. Don Peace
2 Mr. Roy L. Mack 6 Ms. Amber McKinney
3 Ms. Sandy Lynnee Chamblee 7 Ms. Teresa Morgan
4 Ms. Lorie Sloan
Terms are for 3 years.  Members may serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

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