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Mission Statement

To encourage industrial, commercial and residential growth, provide assistance to towns, and municipalities, provide service to unincorporated areas and to maintain and upgrade existing sewer lines and pump stations in Anderson County.

2014 Wastewater System of the Year

Anderson County Wastewater
1500 Dalrymple Road
Anderson, SC 29621
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Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00

(864)260-4023 - Phone
(864)261-6290 - FAX

After Hours/Emergencies
(864)260-5097 or (864)375-4274

Permits / Inspections

Sewer Billing / Payments
101 S. Main Street
Post Office Box 13666
Anderson, SC 29622

Anderson County Wastewater Department serves residential, commercial, and industrial dischargers through both wastewater collection system and treatment.  Anderson County owns and maintains approximately 250 miles of wastewater collection lines, 52 pump stations and one wastewater treatment plant, Six & Twenty.  The Six & Twenty Plant serves the corridor of Hwy 81 N and I-85 which includes industrial, commercial and residential dischargers.  Anderson County also has agreements in place with other utilities to treat wastewater from various areas of the County that are served by the County's collection system.

Wastewater Permits
A permit must be completed prior to connecting into the sewer system.  A capacity fee which is based on the SCDHEC Unit Contributory Loading Rate will apply to all permits.  Please have the following information available when calling for a permit:  Lot number, tax map number (TMS), service address and subdivision (if applicable), Builder's Federal I.D. number and check number.  See "Sewer Permit Check List" below.  Residential sewer permit capacity fee is $4,000 plus applicable water deposits.  Commercial and Industrial customers please call 864-260-4023 to have capacity fee calculated. 

Checks should be made payable to: Anderson County Wastewater Management

Any connections made to Anderson County's sewer collection system must be inspected by Anderson County Wastewater personnel.   **Require SDR 35 Cell Classification 12454**   A 48 hour notice is required for scheduling inspections and must be called into the office at 864-260-4023.

Prospective Industrial/Commercial customers may be required to complete the short survey and/or the Industrial User Questionnaire. Please see contact information to the left of this page and downloads below for detailed information.

Helpful Hints
To maintain private sewer service lines avoid planting trees and shrubs on or near the service line and avoid disposing of grease and cooking oils down the drain.

Bank Draft Application.pdf
Commercial-Industrial Short Survey.doc
Delegated Review Checklist.docx
Enforcement Response Guide.pdf
Flow Request Form.doc
Indemnity Insurance Agreement.doc
Industrial User Questionnaire.doc
Prepayment Deposit Request.pdf
Prepayment Deposit.pdf
Residential Sewer Service Fees.pdf
Sewer Permit Check List.docx

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